Youappi updates onerun platform to improve lifetime customer value

May 21, 2015

Mobile customer acquisition firm YouAppi has released a new version of its OneRun platform that includes a post-install event analytics dashboard designed to uncover more mobile customers with greater lifetime value.The updated platform enables YouAppi’s data scientists to maximise the systems machine learning technology based on KPIs, real-time user usage patterns and conversion analysis, delivering significantly improved results for premium advertisers.

The dashboard also enables advertisers to view a full breakdown of their campaigns, allowing them to optimise their ROI in far greater detail by examining detailed metrics and tracking install and post-install events.

“Though many mobile marketers are focused on generating the install, that’s only the beginning of the customer journey,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO and founder of YouAppi. “We needed to develop a robust solution that will help YouAppi and our advertisers and publishers track and manage the complex KPIs for each campaign, ultimately identifying the app’s most profitable customers.

“‘What data do we need in order to generate the greatest Lifetime Customer Value?’ was the question which led us to developing the new version of OneRun.”

In addition, advertisers will now have the ability to view YouAppi’s ad inventory and break down the data by various parameters, including country, media type, mobile web traffic and app category.

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