GamEffective Opens US Headquarters in North Carolina

July 1, 2015

GamEffective, an enterprise gamification company and a narrative-based gamification pioneer, announced today the opening of its US headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and simultaneously the appointment of its Vice President Business Development, Hadas Kasher, as its General Manager North America. Both announcements come just two months after the company announced it had received a $ 3 M round of funding from investors.

This move signals the rapid expansion of GamEffective’s US sales, which is planning to hire sales and marketing personnel in Charlotte, and the successful deployment of its products by Fortune 500 companies.

“2015 is certainly the year of enterprise or business gamification – the use of game mechanics to motive and drive employee performance” said Gal Rimon, GamEffective’s Founder and CEO “Judging by the amount of interest we see in the product and the budgets deployed by many companies, we see a maturity and understanding of what it takes to provide gamification 2.0 for the enterprise, gamification that works like an activity tracker for work and not just a points and badges generator with mindless leaderboards”.

Hadas Kasher leads the company’s business development and is now being appointed as General Manager North America. She held a variety of executive and managerial positions at Amdocs, Oracle and IB, with repeat success in guiding large, geographically dispersed programs of high-performance enterprise solutions to meet business needs.

GamEffective offers a comprehensive gamification platform to support sales, customer service, social collaboration and employee training and elearning. The company is focused on the enterprise, and its platform uses game mechanics and game rules to grow employee engagement. GamEffective goes beyond badges or leaderboards and uses rich game narratives to give employees clear calls to action that encourage on the job mastery and leave lasting organizational change, reflecting corporate objectives and performance goals.

GamEffective’s platform uses rich graphical narratives that range from fantasy sports to racing; and is easy to implement due to its no-code integration. Employee engagement is measurable, providing analytical insight into employee behavior and assisting employees in decision making – balancing corporate sales goals, for instance, with customer satisfaction.

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