GamEffective Announces a $ 3 M Investment Round

April 20, 2015

GamEffective, an enterprise gamification company and a narrative-based gamification pioneer, announced today it has raised a $ 3 M series A round.

GamEffective offers a comprehensive gamification platform to support sales, customer service, social collaboration and employee training and elearning. The company is focused on the enterprise, and its platform uses game mechanics and game rules to grow employee engagement. GamEffective goes beyond badges or leaderboards and uses rich game narratives to give employees clear calls to action that encourage on the job mastery and leave lasting organizational change, reflecting corporate objectives and performance goals.

GamEffective’s platform uses rich graphical narratives that range from fantasy sports to racing; and is easy to implement due to its no-code integration. Employee engagement is measurable, providing analytical insight into employee behavior and assisting employees in decision making – balancing corporate sales goals, for instance, with customer satisfaction.

The investment round was led by Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT), a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions and existing private investors that include 2B Angels and Shaked Ventures, Lipman, Chomski and others. The company’s seed round was led by 2B Angels and Shaked Ventures.

“Gamification will become a staple of enterprise software UX, transforming corporate performance management and how goals and objectives are set and measured. ‘Game rules’ can direct employees to the right behaviors and cue them in rich, non-simplistic ways. This is the future of setting corporate and personal goals in the workplace,” said Gal Rimon, Founder and CEO of GamEffective. “We are seeing an enormous interest in gamification of enterprise apps, our typical implementations leave lasting performance changes in organizational behavior”.

“Gamification is an important technology for the enterprise and further complements Verint’s customer engagement optimization portfolio of solutions,” said Oren Stern, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy, Verint. “We are delighted to be working with GamEffective, as the organization is a proven provider of gamification solutions.”