2B Community

2B Community

2B Community is an impact investment fund with an innovative Community Corporation model.

Its premise is that the social sector can become less dependent on philanthropy by leveraging its assets through investor-funded community corporations.

Community corporations are a pairing between a business (established or newly-funded), which receives a financial investment from 2B Community and a social organization. The social organization brings its assets (brand, marketing prowess, physical assets, services etc) to the table, creating a synergy or competitive advantage for the business. The resulting returns are then re-invested in the social organization, reducing its dependence on philanthropy and creating a more sustainable source of funding for its activities.

By creating a synergy that is also a competitive edge for business, social causes and entrepreneurs, everyone benefits, creating financial and social returns.

2B Community is a sister fund to 2B Angels. Visit: www.2b-community.com